A break through finally.... Kaya and I took a long walk on Sunday and met up with Sandra and Storm, which exhausted her completely. When we got home she went into her crate and fell asleep while I made dinner and waited for Olov.

Okay by making dinner I mean I did nothing because he wasn't sure what time he was coming in. Moving on!

I thought since she was already very relaxed it would be a good time for her to spend more time alone. I put on my jacket and shoes, put a bone in her crate with her and walked out the door. I went down the steps, took my shoes off and came back up a bit so she wouldn't hear me and waited for the whining to start.

To my delight there was nothing but silence from the other side of the door, not even a whimper for a full 5 minutes... When I came back in she was awake but too tired to make a fuss about me being back, I got a few wags from her tail but that was all. So the Key to leaving Kaya alone is getting her tired.

After all that playing and wrestling and running and the late night walk home Kaya was exhausted.. So much so that waking up in the morning was more of a task than a reason to get outside for a pee.

Our little Kaya and I spent a good time on the couch nursing our own version of hangovers on Saturday but she came out looking a lot better than I did!


Friday night our little family trotted over to Sandra and Nigel's place for dinner and drinks. We were all under the impression that our dogs would play a little less rough in the house but man were we wrong....

Not only did they play rough but they could not stop playing. They ran and wrestled and ran a bit more. There were two accidents, thank goodness it was both of them and not just our little devil. At least we think it was both... Regardless it was a lovely evening..

Kaya had a visit with the Vet yesterday, A follow up visit from her liver problems.

The Vet we saw this time was different from the first one. She looked over her and asked a lot of questions. Then proceeded to tell us that there was nothing wrong with her. She wasn't sure why we were told that Kaya could die and that her condition was so serious.

She has doubled in weight and height in 5 weeks. Her coat is beautiful and healthy and she is strong and awake and healthy as ever. A Normal happy healthy puppy..

Well thank frigging god that ordeal is over. Now we just have to be sure that nothing more happens in the way of diarrhea and vomiting. But I think she will be just fine and wonderful.

Crossing fingers and Happy as ever that out little baby is okay...

Thanks up there....

Kaya is not really in favor of being left alone. She likes to be close to me and she loves to be close to her daddy. (I think because he's not around as much and I am, I tell myself this)

Yesterday while Daddy and I had dinner, Kaya cries could be heard from her little room, we could here she was trying to get over the gate but figured she wasn't quite strong enough or agile enough to get over the baby gate. Dinner time is non dog time, she is usually okay with it.


After much fuss from the other room we heard a small crash and then Kaya appeared in the kitchen ears down and wiggling towards us.. Then she realized she was in pain and started howling, apparently getting over the gate was hard so she must have really wanted to be near us.

It took a while for her to settle down, we knew she was tired but she was revved up and maybe a little stressed out from the dinner situation. So when she finally went to sleep, she was out like a light.

Since Kaya spends the day with me, she rarely see's her Daddy. So when we arrive home around 5:30, her ears flatten and she wiggles towards the door in anticipation of seeing Daddy...

Even though our bond is very strong there is a part of me that wants the ear and wiggle too...

Here is Kaya and her Daddy hanging out this weekend

Kaya has the unique ability to be extremely proud of herself for what could be assumed are small things to us Humans.

Things like picking up a banana and carrying it around, or finding a stick that's twice your length and carrying it home to show Olov. These are the things she is most proud of.

Kaya is also extremely good at melting even the hardest of hearts.... She groans in her sleep and finds the funniest positions to sleep in and she can still seem so adorable that you just want to scoop her up and pray she never gets any older.

Monkey Girl

A funny thing happened when the fruit guy delivered his fruit today. A banana fell off but that's not the funny part. Kaya picked up the banana and carried it with her all around the office.

She had to stop off at CF's office to show him and through the creative office to show them and then in and out of every office to show everyone her really great find.

Finally she stopped to actually taste the banana so I had to look up if they are harmful. They are not... And I fed her a few bites. Which she is crazy for..

Monkey dog...?

Kaya is a very pretty puppy... I've started to notice why people are calling her beautiful all the time.. Not that I didn't think she was before just that she actually really is.

Kaya and Storm play hard, and when you play hard you get dirty.
In Kaya's case, she changed color she was so dirty with only her tiny white face left clean. How we don't know.

After a short traumatic bath and a cuddle in the towel Kaya hid herself in the blankets.
She was not impressed with her Mom and Dad!
Non the less the evening took it's toll on our little one and she passed out with just her little face exposed.

Kaya's pretty tired today, she barely made it through the train ride fully awake even though there was a dog in the carriage with us. Unfortunately not a play mate but a grumpy unsociable mini male. How un-fun, so when we finally got to work, Kaya fussed about being in her crate with every move to get comfortable. I think maybe she's a little sore today

Anyways I looked over to her crate and found her getting comfy..
Infact if I could sleep like that I might just do it! I guess today is a rest day for our little beauty.. She deserves it!

Kaya was so tired when we arrived at the train she barely made it through her dinner before closing her eyes.
After which she passed out.
And spent the rest of the train ride sleep peacefully. Upon our arrival home we put her in her crate where she fussed for about a second before passing out completley.

I guess we tuckered her out!

After a long day of sleeping, resting, eating and sleeping some more, we met up with Orietta and Bubba and went to a dogpark

Kaya was shy at first, lots of dogs all sniffing and getting in each others faces. It was a lot of Kaya to handle and it took her a while to get into the swing of things. She spent the first half hour or so smelling the flowers and plants and fence and being shy and getting scared.

But eventually she got more courageous and started meeting the other dogs, all the other puppies were 5 months or older so they were stronger and much more feisty and willing to wrestle.
Kaya took a liking to a Pug, who thought he was a big dog but was really gentle with Kaya when they played.
He chased her around and got her into the swing of the dog park.
Finally she started playing with Bubba and the pug and a few other dogs and running around and playing more. When it was time to leave I had a hard time pulling her away.

We met up with Rebecca and Toulpa again, Kaya and Toulpa got to play some more together and I finally got a picture of him.
Meanwhile Toulpa is batting Kaya on the head while laying on the floor like this.. Very adorable and the two of them together is truly cute.

We woke up at 7 and went outside so Kaya could do her business..
Fortunately she is adorable so it makes going out with her in the morning easy

Finally some play mates... Kaya has some friends..

In Uppsala we have met quite a few dogs. But only a few stand out.

There is Storm a female white lab that plays with Kaya the best

There is Rebecca who is a short haired collie who puts Kaya in her place but still manages to have so much fun with her

and there is Tolpa who is a Norweigen elkhound.. They've only ever met on the train but Kaya seems to love him. And that's really what it's all about.

And is Stockholm there is Bubba a male white lab, he's still young and just coming into the hormone stage but Kaya puts him in his place and keeps on playing..

Hopefully we can get some pictures of these friends soon.

Kaya isn't a huge fan of being woken up at night, so when we woke her up to take her out for a pee she walked directly to the clean warm laundry and plopped down to fall back asleep.

Then put all her weight into it when Olov tried to pick her up..
And finally looked completely miserable and annoyed as we took her out for a pee.
It's a good thing she has a personality!

Nap Time

Kaya gets pretty tired in the morning, we play a lot at night.. Walking to the train in the rain can really tire out our little puppy....

So as soon as I put her blanket down she curled up and fell asleep..

I just realized how big Kaya is getting as compared to 5 weeks ago....
I can't believe she was this small once!

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