Kongs because everyone loves treats.

Doggy backpacks because I want to help out too.

Hands free jogging kit so Mom and me can jog together

Chewies because I love them so much

Throwy balls because I can play fetch when I feel like it.

Please big guy with the red clothes and white beard bring me my Christmas wishes...

sloppy kisses

Laundry Day

Kaya's Daddy and I did laundry yesterday, everything Kaya has been laying on, coughing on, sleeping on. Everything that could be infested with kennel cough. Everything from the couch covers, to blankets, carpets and her bedding.

We were up at the crack of dawn to make sure we had enough time to get it all done without losing to much of our day.

Kaya however was not up at the crack of dawn and when we dragged her outside to go to the bathroom and then with us to put the laundry in. She didn't hesitate to let us know just how tired she really was.

But the best part about it was that Daddy was really tired too and the two of them slept while I slaved away.

Next we clean, boil, and throw out the toys.

Almost there

After 4 days of coughing and sleeping and eating and a small fever. Kaya has had her first cough free day.. So that means only 5 more days of no coughing and she will be able to be with her friends again.

She's got tons of energy, yesterday she got a couple short walks just like the vet ordered and she didn't cough or anything and got out a little of that extra energy. Not much but a little.

She spent the better part of teh day trying to get us to pay attention to her and play with her and when she got bored she put her head in my lap and looked at me until I played with her.

Poor little girl she needs a good run.

Kennel Cough

Our little puppy is sick.. Sick with Kennel cough. How boring for a husky who likes to run and play.. She is being shacked up in the house with the exception of pee breaks and mini walks/Poo runs

We're worried though because Kaya spent the better part of saturday with her bestest friend Storm who may get infected and then again on sunday with Storm and her other friend Rebecca.

We are hoping with all our might that Storm and Rebecca don't get sick!

p.s. Just so you know we didn't find out until today. Monday that she was sick, because she only started coughing yesterday evening after we had been with the other dogs.

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