Thursday After work

After a long day of sleeping, resting, eating and sleeping some more, we met up with Orietta and Bubba and went to a dogpark

Kaya was shy at first, lots of dogs all sniffing and getting in each others faces. It was a lot of Kaya to handle and it took her a while to get into the swing of things. She spent the first half hour or so smelling the flowers and plants and fence and being shy and getting scared.

But eventually she got more courageous and started meeting the other dogs, all the other puppies were 5 months or older so they were stronger and much more feisty and willing to wrestle.
Kaya took a liking to a Pug, who thought he was a big dog but was really gentle with Kaya when they played.
He chased her around and got her into the swing of the dog park.
Finally she started playing with Bubba and the pug and a few other dogs and running around and playing more. When it was time to leave I had a hard time pulling her away.


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