Kaya and Storm play hard, and when you play hard you get dirty.
In Kaya's case, she changed color she was so dirty with only her tiny white face left clean. How we don't know.

After a short traumatic bath and a cuddle in the towel Kaya hid herself in the blankets.
She was not impressed with her Mom and Dad!
Non the less the evening took it's toll on our little one and she passed out with just her little face exposed.

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  1. Mofo€Modo said...
    Hi David! So this is where u sell your pot? How do we order it here? Btw please post more dirty pix of u and the dogs on palringo in your room - kayas yard. We luv em! Be careful of disease thou! How's Graeme? Smile while the cameras on! Enjoy da infection!

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