Close to Mom and Dad

Kaya is not really in favor of being left alone. She likes to be close to me and she loves to be close to her daddy. (I think because he's not around as much and I am, I tell myself this)

Yesterday while Daddy and I had dinner, Kaya cries could be heard from her little room, we could here she was trying to get over the gate but figured she wasn't quite strong enough or agile enough to get over the baby gate. Dinner time is non dog time, she is usually okay with it.


After much fuss from the other room we heard a small crash and then Kaya appeared in the kitchen ears down and wiggling towards us.. Then she realized she was in pain and started howling, apparently getting over the gate was hard so she must have really wanted to be near us.

It took a while for her to settle down, we knew she was tired but she was revved up and maybe a little stressed out from the dinner situation. So when she finally went to sleep, she was out like a light.


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