Kaya and Saga

In what an only be explained as a freak weather storm, Stockholm was covered in snow last week and it actually stayed for a couple of days before melting into oblivion.

Kaya's lunch time playmate Saga and her got to play in the snow and jump around on giant snow balls that L and I rolled up for them.

We've been neglecting Kaya's blog lately.. Sorry.

Kaya waiting patiently for lunch time walks

Kaya killing time at work

waiting for Storm to come through the gates

Asleep on her bed

Asleep on our bed..

Vet day

We finally went to the vet and I finally feel like a human being again.

Kaya as wonderful and impatient as she is did really well while I was sick.

And her trip to the vet was a good one. We found an minor ear infection which is clearing up nicely and we talked to the vet about getting her spayed. Kaya was irritated from the ear cleaning so we didn't stay to long after that. But it looks like we will schedule her in for surgery soon.

I don't have any new pictures, well I do but I have a new phone and the camera is great but I dont have the computer hook up right now..


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