Well the summer has been good. A little crazy at times but totally wonderful with our wonder pup aka "the white way"

I will be leaving our little white husky for 3 weeks while I travel back to Canada to spend time with my family. Luckily Kaya's daddy aka my boyfriend will be taking care of her while I'm away.. Although thinking about being away from her for three weeks does not sound like much fun. The longest time I've spent away from her in a year and a bit is 2 days.. Madness. And after witnessing how hard it was for her when my boyfriend was away for 5 weeks this spring I am already feeling guilty about leaving.

We've had a lot of fun so far this summer, swimming, hiking, walking, running, playing, and meeting so many new dogs a long the way. She's been a bit stressy this past two weeks since we moved to a bigger place but she is adjusting very well to our new house. She has already claimed a spot on the balcony as her own and we think she will claim the spare bedroom as soon as the boxes are cleared. It's cool and dark in there, and there's a bed she can claim as her own..

Here is Kaya Leaping through the air into the river after her Aqua toy, (her most favorite toy ever, she sleeps with it if it's not wet.

Well it was fun while it lasted but I just don't have the time to update this blog. I'm not shutting it down completely but there won't be any posts for a while. Maybe a big update after the summer maybe a complete shut down. Can't be sure.

Kaya and Olov and I are great. Kaya is enjoying swimming and playing with her best buddy storm on a regular basis. We are rollerblading everyday for exercise together and in the past week and half when the weather has been incredibly hot we've been spending time at the river, the pond, or in the bathtub.

We fill the bathtub with water and she jumps in, or we just go into the bathroom and if she is hot she jumps in the tub and waits for a shower. She is a little strange but we love her.

Pictures won't be updated. They are all at home and i am at work and kaya no longer joins me at work. Sad but true.

Anyways maybe we will see you after the summer if not; Take care of you and your pups.

Suze and Kaya..

Kaya's Spring

Our little girl is losing all that winter hair, something that is not the least bit fun for the rest of us. She's recovering from some scratches after a german shepherd attacked her but is still the happy go lucky balls of steel dog we've had since the beginning.

Hopefully she loses the lion mane soon


Okay things are finally starting to get back to normal here in La la land.

The Snow is gone and so is the camera so there aren't any new spring pictures to show.

Unfortunately you will have to wait until our camera is back in working order or I remember how to get the images off my cell phone.

Harder than you would think.

Until next time and hopefully with pictures.

Recently tragedy struck back home in Canada for my best friend (my person) so things are on hold while that's going on.

Kaya is as always adorable and fun and she is a comedian for sure. Now that the snow is gone and the dirt is dry (thank goodness for small mercies) Kaya is spending lots of time in the sun playing and running and drinking tons of water..

Husky Love...

Kaya and Saga

In what an only be explained as a freak weather storm, Stockholm was covered in snow last week and it actually stayed for a couple of days before melting into oblivion.

Kaya's lunch time playmate Saga and her got to play in the snow and jump around on giant snow balls that L and I rolled up for them.

We've been neglecting Kaya's blog lately.. Sorry.

Kaya waiting patiently for lunch time walks

Kaya killing time at work

waiting for Storm to come through the gates

Asleep on her bed

Asleep on our bed..

Vet day

We finally went to the vet and I finally feel like a human being again.

Kaya as wonderful and impatient as she is did really well while I was sick.

And her trip to the vet was a good one. We found an minor ear infection which is clearing up nicely and we talked to the vet about getting her spayed. Kaya was irritated from the ear cleaning so we didn't stay to long after that. But it looks like we will schedule her in for surgery soon.

I don't have any new pictures, well I do but I have a new phone and the camera is great but I dont have the computer hook up right now..



Oj.. No updates for a while since I've been "lucky" enough to get sick Twice! yes TWICE!!!

First with a flu then with a horrible cough.. Sadly I still have it.

But this blog isn't about me It's about Kaya.... And she's had more fun lately than I have. She got to spend Saturday night with her bestest friend Rebecca. Unfortunately she spent the WHOLE night playing with her and I only a few hours of broken sleep.. SO an unhappy tired Mom of a tired husky spent sunday grumpy.. Good thing Kaya was just as tired and slept right a long side me the whole day too.

NO pictures just yet for that but I will put up some soon.

Kaya has a vet date coming.... Yes and the details will be followed up on. But the gist of it is this.

Consult on spaying our little darling,
Consult on fixing a tooth that didn't grow in right and is causing some discomfort

Note: doing a consult because it is my hope that I don't have to have two dates with anesthetic, I think one big one is enough. She's my baby after all

Looking at her ears to make sure everything is wonderful
results of poo test and possible de-worming

Our little husky is still in heat.. It feels like it's dragging on and on and on.. FOREVER!

But most recently she is attracting the boys, just yesterday while out on the bike, Kaya met a male dog that went so crazy we could hear him crying from 2 blocks away. I felt really bad for his owner because it sounded like he was being abused. She is to blame too though, she was trying really hard to get to him and to get his attention which wasn't that hard because of her sent.

Kaya and Rebecca wandered my house in their protective panties on Saturday while J and I enjoyed all the bad things in life while watching movies and chatting.

The two of them looked rather pathetic in their get ups but still adorable. I sure am sick of cleaning up after Kaya though, putting in clean pads and wiping up any misplaced drops.


I think the decision is made, Kaya will not have puppies, I think the best thing is to get her spayed. Because the what if's of not getting her spayed are endless.

What if she has puppies and no one wants them
What if she has problems with delivery
What if she gets cancer
What if we can't afford 10 dogs
What if she accidentally gets pregnant before she's old enough (that would be the worst)
What if
What if
what if....................

Unhappy Husky

This whole experience has been difficult so far... Kaya is super needy, she wants to be close to me at all times. Sometimes she can't get close enough.

She doesn't want to leave the room, or be left alone and has resorted to scratching at her crate door which has ripped the screen.. YAY!

She's super tired all the time, and really distracted. She does not want to do anything unless we are doing it together. When we ride to work she gets to close, and I get frustrated because it's icy out there and I'm pretty sure I'm going to fall one of these days. So then she gets worried cause I'm stressed and wants to be closer to me.

You can see the problem.

We finally got her proper doggy panties and she doesn't seem to bothered by them. I can tell there are times when she wants to clean herself up so I give her the opportunity once in a while.

I'm at odds about whether we should get her fixed, she is so beautiful I just know she would have great pups, but then on the other hand, YIKES.. That's a lot of work and money and you never know if the pups will sell and if they don't you have extra dogs to care for. There are health risks involved that I don't want to think about but have to.

Deep down I know it's the best thing to do for her, she will be happier and healthier and there will be no unwanted pregnancies. But like I said I feel like I'm talking myself into this.

Ugh lots to discuss with Olov as well because we need to agree on what we should do.

Anyways here is Kaya looking kinda miserable at work.

Kaya is in heat!

I guess we will be staying away from the boys for a while.

And calling the vet about spaying her.

After an action packed week Kaya got her first husky experience.. It involved, Meeting a pack of huskies, suiting up in a proper pulling harness, and pulling mom on the lake ice. We have been told she even has beautiful form or 4 wheel drive when she is pulling..

I'm a proud husky Mom...

Coming onto the lake, it was touch and go mostly because I was scared.. Skates, ice and not being able to see how deep it really is and not much time to react if it cracks....

Kaya and Toulpa ready to go

Just one last sniff before we go Mom..

Being patient while we steady ourselves on the ice

Rebecca who made it all possible..

And we're off... Ripping across the ice, Rebecca and I holding hands to make sure we keep up with each other and steady ourselves.
Kaya in her element

YAY tracks.... Lets follow them

We love tracks and playing....

Kaya following the fox tracks across the ice. After the pulling on skates we walked on the lake to give them a chance to sniff around.

Sun setting on a great day and our first big husky experience.

Yesterday Kaya and I went back to the park. She needs the exercise and I needed a chance to speak to the woman with the aggressive dog.

There was no one there when we showed up, so we had a chance to play around just the two of us and I found a tree with a big hole in it. Kaya got right in and posed like a good little husky..

A few dogs showed up from the day before and we had a chance to talk about the attack and if I should say anything to the lady who owned the dog.

Conclusion, her dogs were not safe to play with and yes I should talk to her.

When I did confront her, she managed to say all the Swedish words I don't understand. On top of it all she did not apologize for the damage her dog did to Kaya. On a side note, Kaya had already submitted to the aggressive dog, and wasn't even playing near the dog when it ran and attacked her. So the attack was not provoked.

If I see her again I will ask her not to come in to the park while My dog is in there, I do not want my dog attacked again and if she really wants to ignore it I can always report her.

There is no reason why any other dog should be attacked by this dog especially in a dog park where they are supposed to be safe... But seriously who brings an aggressive dog to a dog park, if you know your dog has problems do not bring them to a place where there are lots of other dogs that are not aggressive and certainly don't bring them in and let them hunt and attack puppies..

I will kick it if it ever gets close to Kaya again.

Here's Kaya in a Tree...

Kaya isn't having the best luck in Stockholm these days. The river the other day and now today she was attacked in the dog park by a dog who's owner knew the dog was aggressive but still brought the dog in.

Kaya's injuries include A large scrape on her ankle, a tooth scrape on the back of her ankle and large cut on the pad of her foot.

I'm not sure what to do at this point but I am worried.

In fact I think I will call the vet now.

Poor Kaya she didn't care about weighing in yesterday she just wanted to sleep.. And to show her distaste in weighing in she slept on the scale..


I think yesterday was too much for Kaya.. Her early morning jog to work with me, her dunk in the river, her jog back home with me, the bath she had to have because she was covered in dirt (warm water only) The excitement of being back at work with all the people again, the train.

Busy busy, our little baby passed out on the couch for a few hours, making herself a nest of blankets and pillows, then dashed away to her basket before anyone could figure out where she had gone to.

She woke up briefly to go outside and then back to bed. Our bed.. until she was kicked out to her basket.

Oh And I still feel really bad about the river incident.

What she got....

Her running kit, her ball, her chewies and her cong... And since I am such a bad bad mommy she will get a few more chewies, her back pack and anything else..


Stupid Owner

I have officially done something stupid as an owner of a pet. It's winter, it's chilly, but it's warmed up over the past couple of days.

The ice is still thick on the ponds and the river so when I took Kaya out at lunch today and let her walk on the ice (still on the leash) I didn't think so much of it.

The pond was fine, it was still thick, the banks of the river were still thick too. So I wandered with Kaya along the thick ice. We crossed the river on our way back to the office and I thought I would let her go on the ice just one more time. She was loving it so much on our walk and then the ice cracked and she fell through. It was only about 3 seconds.. Her head went under then her entire body. I pulled her up and out faster than I thought I would be able to. We got back to the office in record time and somehow found a towel to dry her off (thanks F)

She had a bit to eat and then curled up in a ball to warm herself up. There is nothing in the world that can make me feel better about this. I am a bad Mom....

Sorry Kaya

Kaya on the ice, see it's thick!

Still thick here

And the after math.. My little girl all balled up and resting. Bad Suzanne Bad

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