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Yesterday we took a small road trip with Olov's Mom to a place call fjällnorren (spelling could be incorrect)

We walked Kaya down to the Lake and had high hopes that she would at least get her feet wet, well we were certainly surprised when Kaya first pounced at the waters edge this threw herself into the lake. Emerging looking like a drowned rat but running around like it was the best damn thing she ever did in her entire life.

We proceeded down the path to the Hundbadda, we showed Kaya the dock and sand and stick in the water. She jumped and played and got herself wet and ran into the water and out. A great game apparently..

The forest was even better for our little Kaya.. She ran and sniffed and tasted and ran and sniffed and explored.. The big rocks were a favorite.

Upon return to the Parking lot, we were inspecting maps of the area to see how big it was and I realized our little baby might be getting cold due to the fact that she was still really wet.

I reached down to find she was shivering and then whipped off my sweater and wrapped her in it. She didn't struggle like she normally does and when we wrapped her in a blanket and put her on my lap in the car she stopped shaking and fell instantly asleep. It was a big day for our little girl...

Kaya had her shots yesterday... And thank goodness she didn't get a reaction to them. Although today she is extra tired and not very hungry. Apparently this is normal and is considered a Mild allergic reaction.

ON a happy note as I write this she is eating her lunch.. Whew...

So with her shots done we can start some intensive socialization, taking her more places and letting her explore a little more of what this world has to offer her.

I'm excited

After a harrowing trip to the vet with some not so wonderful news on our baby Kaya, it was obvious the stress of the situation had taken it's toll our her as well.
She spent her day sleeping, drinking lots of water and eating.
The day after she had so much water her belly hurt so lying on the pillow was a good support for her stuffed little belly

Of course for the most part she is perfectly normal now. She is eating all her food and drinking properly and according to her weight. Which is a good sign. She is regular and runs around like a little fool then sleeps.

I'm crossing my fingers!

Kaya had a bad day on Wednesday, on our train ride home she pee'd in her sleep and pee'd on me. When we got off the train she was walking funny and panting. So I immediately took her to the vet.

After blood tests and urine tests we found out that kaya's liver cultures were off and that it could mean several things. One she has a genetic liver problem.. (BAD) two she has a virus (still bad but better than anything) and three she has a liver disease.. (bad bad bad)

She was so good at the vet, Olov and I were not, we were stressed out, hungry and upset about the results. Kaya was hungry and when the vets finally gave her some food she went nuts on it.

So what's the next step you might ask....

Well we watch her intake of water, we give her as much as she wants but measure it out. 500ml at a time. and see how much she is drinking.

a pup her age and weight (7.7 kilos) should drink around 8 dl of water a day.

The kennel we got her from is also contacting us, they say we can take another puppy for free and if Kaya is okay we will have two puppies instead of one.

Two puppies you say.... Yes that's right two... twin white gorgeous girls. Although Kaya is my little girl always.

It's a tough call really and Olov and I have a lot to think about.

That little face is adorable and there is a big part of me that wishes we could take her in. The one in the background is adorable but looks to worried.

Actually they are both adorable and if they are anything like Kaya they are wonderful and sweet.

If you can think of a good home for these beautiful puppies..
Kristian: 0735616609 innan kl 17:00
Masis: 0737240620 efter kl 17:00

They can be viewed and picked up in Enköping!

A long day of walking and playing and being dominated can be rough on a little girl. Kaya's train trip home was a chance to get some energy back.

Yesterday Kaya met a puppy closer to her age. But Bubba is much stronger and much more excited and plays a lot rougher than Kaya is used to.
Kaya spent a good part of the time being pinned down but when she finally realized she could get him off her so she could play too the fun finally began and I think she may have a little friend in Bubba.

Provided she doesn't try to rape her head, ears or any other hole!!

Kaya's Virtue is not for everyone! ;)

The Big Stick

Our wanderings yesterday found us a big stick... One that Kaya would not put down for anyone
Even though it was too big for her, she continued to drag it around the field.
Finally we stopped to rest and she could enjoy the fruits of her labor
And on route home we stopped for a quick licking session
Followed by smelling the pole...

Kaya got her first taste of Pork, a dried pig's tail which she went to town on for as long as I would let her

She didn't care about anything but the tail.

And when I took it from her she REALLY wanted it back

Atleast I got some cute pictures out of it.

Kaya is a very smart puppy. She learns quickly and will work hard to get her treats. In her first week with us she learned how to sit and that No means no..

She got the idea of "come" but we're still working out a few kinks on that one.

Her Most recent accomplishment is that she has learned the command "go to your Room" she will jump into her crate and wait for her treat..

I don't have any pictures or video yet but I will soon enough.

She also knows her name now and responds when she is called.

We are now working on "down" which is lie down and "off" for when she jumps up. After that we will start work on "stay" and proper leash walking.

Kaya the wonder pup at 10 weeks knows 3 almost 4 very important commands.

Here's Kaya today after a tiring play session and 30 minute walk to the train this morning. She slept until 11:30 which is pretty good for her.

Kaya likes to be close to me so she rarely goes into her crate when we are at work. Here she is playing with her bone.

Kaya is back at work this week... And after a week off everyone seems to notice that she is getting bigger.
She's starting to get more personality, and she's terribly grumpy if you wake her up.
She gets over it...
But then remembers..
Here's Kaya on the train today.. She met a new dog today another boy and she was mesmerized by him, like she is with all boy dogs it seems..

Who needs a crate when there is a comfortable bed..
Let's make sure this isn't a regular occurrence.

Kaya loves the air conditioning... She loved it so much she needed to taste it
She loved it so much she slept on it
Kept her neck cool on it
and when she got really warm she cooled her butt on it.

Kaya knows how to use the air con to her advantage.. But more than that Kaya spent 8 hours in the car, sleeping, playing a little, adjusting to the air con and only getting fussy when she needed to go to the bathroom or eat. Her daddy says it's a good thing she associates travel with sleeping..

Kaya got to meet a few friends from Home, who managed to pass through Sweden on their European tour.. and she didn't disappoint with the cuteness

The train is loud, it vibrates, it's an unpleasant experience and my first thoughts of Kaya on the train were not good ones. But Kaya loves the train... Or so it seems.
She gets comfortable and sleeps peacefully
In the most adorable ways
And sometimes when you need to prop your face up.. You just do it!

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