Well the summer has been good. A little crazy at times but totally wonderful with our wonder pup aka "the white way"

I will be leaving our little white husky for 3 weeks while I travel back to Canada to spend time with my family. Luckily Kaya's daddy aka my boyfriend will be taking care of her while I'm away.. Although thinking about being away from her for three weeks does not sound like much fun. The longest time I've spent away from her in a year and a bit is 2 days.. Madness. And after witnessing how hard it was for her when my boyfriend was away for 5 weeks this spring I am already feeling guilty about leaving.

We've had a lot of fun so far this summer, swimming, hiking, walking, running, playing, and meeting so many new dogs a long the way. She's been a bit stressy this past two weeks since we moved to a bigger place but she is adjusting very well to our new house. She has already claimed a spot on the balcony as her own and we think she will claim the spare bedroom as soon as the boxes are cleared. It's cool and dark in there, and there's a bed she can claim as her own..

Here is Kaya Leaping through the air into the river after her Aqua toy, (her most favorite toy ever, she sleeps with it if it's not wet.

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