Well it was fun while it lasted but I just don't have the time to update this blog. I'm not shutting it down completely but there won't be any posts for a while. Maybe a big update after the summer maybe a complete shut down. Can't be sure.

Kaya and Olov and I are great. Kaya is enjoying swimming and playing with her best buddy storm on a regular basis. We are rollerblading everyday for exercise together and in the past week and half when the weather has been incredibly hot we've been spending time at the river, the pond, or in the bathtub.

We fill the bathtub with water and she jumps in, or we just go into the bathroom and if she is hot she jumps in the tub and waits for a shower. She is a little strange but we love her.

Pictures won't be updated. They are all at home and i am at work and kaya no longer joins me at work. Sad but true.

Anyways maybe we will see you after the summer if not; Take care of you and your pups.

Suze and Kaya..

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