On being alone

A break through finally.... Kaya and I took a long walk on Sunday and met up with Sandra and Storm, which exhausted her completely. When we got home she went into her crate and fell asleep while I made dinner and waited for Olov.

Okay by making dinner I mean I did nothing because he wasn't sure what time he was coming in. Moving on!

I thought since she was already very relaxed it would be a good time for her to spend more time alone. I put on my jacket and shoes, put a bone in her crate with her and walked out the door. I went down the steps, took my shoes off and came back up a bit so she wouldn't hear me and waited for the whining to start.

To my delight there was nothing but silence from the other side of the door, not even a whimper for a full 5 minutes... When I came back in she was awake but too tired to make a fuss about me being back, I got a few wags from her tail but that was all. So the Key to leaving Kaya alone is getting her tired.


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