A Happy Healthy Puppy

Kaya had a visit with the Vet yesterday, A follow up visit from her liver problems.

The Vet we saw this time was different from the first one. She looked over her and asked a lot of questions. Then proceeded to tell us that there was nothing wrong with her. She wasn't sure why we were told that Kaya could die and that her condition was so serious.

She has doubled in weight and height in 5 weeks. Her coat is beautiful and healthy and she is strong and awake and healthy as ever. A Normal happy healthy puppy..

Well thank frigging god that ordeal is over. Now we just have to be sure that nothing more happens in the way of diarrhea and vomiting. But I think she will be just fine and wonderful.

Crossing fingers and Happy as ever that out little baby is okay...

Thanks up there....


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