Unhappy Husky

This whole experience has been difficult so far... Kaya is super needy, she wants to be close to me at all times. Sometimes she can't get close enough.

She doesn't want to leave the room, or be left alone and has resorted to scratching at her crate door which has ripped the screen.. YAY!

She's super tired all the time, and really distracted. She does not want to do anything unless we are doing it together. When we ride to work she gets to close, and I get frustrated because it's icy out there and I'm pretty sure I'm going to fall one of these days. So then she gets worried cause I'm stressed and wants to be closer to me.

You can see the problem.

We finally got her proper doggy panties and she doesn't seem to bothered by them. I can tell there are times when she wants to clean herself up so I give her the opportunity once in a while.

I'm at odds about whether we should get her fixed, she is so beautiful I just know she would have great pups, but then on the other hand, YIKES.. That's a lot of work and money and you never know if the pups will sell and if they don't you have extra dogs to care for. There are health risks involved that I don't want to think about but have to.

Deep down I know it's the best thing to do for her, she will be happier and healthier and there will be no unwanted pregnancies. But like I said I feel like I'm talking myself into this.

Ugh lots to discuss with Olov as well because we need to agree on what we should do.

Anyways here is Kaya looking kinda miserable at work.


  1. Amy and the Huskies said...
    Aww she does look unhappy. Getting her fixed would be the best thing. I feel like I have beautiful dogs too, but they are all spayed and neutered...no need to add to the pet overpopulation. :) Hope she gets feeling like her old self soon!
    Kaya said...
    Very true... we are making plans with the vet to spay her after she's finished her first heat.

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