After an action packed week Kaya got her first husky experience.. It involved, Meeting a pack of huskies, suiting up in a proper pulling harness, and pulling mom on the lake ice. We have been told she even has beautiful form or 4 wheel drive when she is pulling..

I'm a proud husky Mom...

Coming onto the lake, it was touch and go mostly because I was scared.. Skates, ice and not being able to see how deep it really is and not much time to react if it cracks....

Kaya and Toulpa ready to go

Just one last sniff before we go Mom..

Being patient while we steady ourselves on the ice

Rebecca who made it all possible..

And we're off... Ripping across the ice, Rebecca and I holding hands to make sure we keep up with each other and steady ourselves.
Kaya in her element

YAY tracks.... Lets follow them

We love tracks and playing....

Kaya following the fox tracks across the ice. After the pulling on skates we walked on the lake to give them a chance to sniff around.

Sun setting on a great day and our first big husky experience.


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