Yesterday Kaya and I went back to the park. She needs the exercise and I needed a chance to speak to the woman with the aggressive dog.

There was no one there when we showed up, so we had a chance to play around just the two of us and I found a tree with a big hole in it. Kaya got right in and posed like a good little husky..

A few dogs showed up from the day before and we had a chance to talk about the attack and if I should say anything to the lady who owned the dog.

Conclusion, her dogs were not safe to play with and yes I should talk to her.

When I did confront her, she managed to say all the Swedish words I don't understand. On top of it all she did not apologize for the damage her dog did to Kaya. On a side note, Kaya had already submitted to the aggressive dog, and wasn't even playing near the dog when it ran and attacked her. So the attack was not provoked.

If I see her again I will ask her not to come in to the park while My dog is in there, I do not want my dog attacked again and if she really wants to ignore it I can always report her.

There is no reason why any other dog should be attacked by this dog especially in a dog park where they are supposed to be safe... But seriously who brings an aggressive dog to a dog park, if you know your dog has problems do not bring them to a place where there are lots of other dogs that are not aggressive and certainly don't bring them in and let them hunt and attack puppies..

I will kick it if it ever gets close to Kaya again.

Here's Kaya in a Tree...


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