Where are the boys..

Our little husky is still in heat.. It feels like it's dragging on and on and on.. FOREVER!

But most recently she is attracting the boys, just yesterday while out on the bike, Kaya met a male dog that went so crazy we could hear him crying from 2 blocks away. I felt really bad for his owner because it sounded like he was being abused. She is to blame too though, she was trying really hard to get to him and to get his attention which wasn't that hard because of her sent.

Kaya and Rebecca wandered my house in their protective panties on Saturday while J and I enjoyed all the bad things in life while watching movies and chatting.

The two of them looked rather pathetic in their get ups but still adorable. I sure am sick of cleaning up after Kaya though, putting in clean pads and wiping up any misplaced drops.


I think the decision is made, Kaya will not have puppies, I think the best thing is to get her spayed. Because the what if's of not getting her spayed are endless.

What if she has puppies and no one wants them
What if she has problems with delivery
What if she gets cancer
What if we can't afford 10 dogs
What if she accidentally gets pregnant before she's old enough (that would be the worst)
What if
What if
what if....................

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  1. Amy and the Huskies said...
    I'm glad to hear you've made the right decision! Kaya will be happier and healthy for it. :) Good luck, I'm sure it will go fine, I've had all my dogs spayed/neutered and they've always recovered without a problem.

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