Stupid Owner

I have officially done something stupid as an owner of a pet. It's winter, it's chilly, but it's warmed up over the past couple of days.

The ice is still thick on the ponds and the river so when I took Kaya out at lunch today and let her walk on the ice (still on the leash) I didn't think so much of it.

The pond was fine, it was still thick, the banks of the river were still thick too. So I wandered with Kaya along the thick ice. We crossed the river on our way back to the office and I thought I would let her go on the ice just one more time. She was loving it so much on our walk and then the ice cracked and she fell through. It was only about 3 seconds.. Her head went under then her entire body. I pulled her up and out faster than I thought I would be able to. We got back to the office in record time and somehow found a towel to dry her off (thanks F)

She had a bit to eat and then curled up in a ball to warm herself up. There is nothing in the world that can make me feel better about this. I am a bad Mom....

Sorry Kaya

Kaya on the ice, see it's thick!

Still thick here

And the after math.. My little girl all balled up and resting. Bad Suzanne Bad


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