Kaya's Learning

Kaya is a very smart puppy. She learns quickly and will work hard to get her treats. In her first week with us she learned how to sit and that No means no..

She got the idea of "come" but we're still working out a few kinks on that one.

Her Most recent accomplishment is that she has learned the command "go to your Room" she will jump into her crate and wait for her treat..

I don't have any pictures or video yet but I will soon enough.

She also knows her name now and responds when she is called.

We are now working on "down" which is lie down and "off" for when she jumps up. After that we will start work on "stay" and proper leash walking.

Kaya the wonder pup at 10 weeks knows 3 almost 4 very important commands.

Here's Kaya today after a tiring play session and 30 minute walk to the train this morning. She slept until 11:30 which is pretty good for her.

Kaya likes to be close to me so she rarely goes into her crate when we are at work. Here she is playing with her bone.


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