Kaya goes swimming

Pictures and Video to follow...

Yesterday we took a small road trip with Olov's Mom to a place call fjällnorren (spelling could be incorrect)

We walked Kaya down to the Lake and had high hopes that she would at least get her feet wet, well we were certainly surprised when Kaya first pounced at the waters edge this threw herself into the lake. Emerging looking like a drowned rat but running around like it was the best damn thing she ever did in her entire life.

We proceeded down the path to the Hundbadda, we showed Kaya the dock and sand and stick in the water. She jumped and played and got herself wet and ran into the water and out. A great game apparently..

The forest was even better for our little Kaya.. She ran and sniffed and tasted and ran and sniffed and explored.. The big rocks were a favorite.

Upon return to the Parking lot, we were inspecting maps of the area to see how big it was and I realized our little baby might be getting cold due to the fact that she was still really wet.

I reached down to find she was shivering and then whipped off my sweater and wrapped her in it. She didn't struggle like she normally does and when we wrapped her in a blanket and put her on my lap in the car she stopped shaking and fell instantly asleep. It was a big day for our little girl...


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