Kaya visits the Vet

Kaya had a bad day on Wednesday, on our train ride home she pee'd in her sleep and pee'd on me. When we got off the train she was walking funny and panting. So I immediately took her to the vet.

After blood tests and urine tests we found out that kaya's liver cultures were off and that it could mean several things. One she has a genetic liver problem.. (BAD) two she has a virus (still bad but better than anything) and three she has a liver disease.. (bad bad bad)

She was so good at the vet, Olov and I were not, we were stressed out, hungry and upset about the results. Kaya was hungry and when the vets finally gave her some food she went nuts on it.

So what's the next step you might ask....

Well we watch her intake of water, we give her as much as she wants but measure it out. 500ml at a time. and see how much she is drinking.

a pup her age and weight (7.7 kilos) should drink around 8 dl of water a day.

The kennel we got her from is also contacting us, they say we can take another puppy for free and if Kaya is okay we will have two puppies instead of one.

Two puppies you say.... Yes that's right two... twin white gorgeous girls. Although Kaya is my little girl always.

It's a tough call really and Olov and I have a lot to think about.


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