The After Math

After a harrowing trip to the vet with some not so wonderful news on our baby Kaya, it was obvious the stress of the situation had taken it's toll our her as well.
She spent her day sleeping, drinking lots of water and eating.
The day after she had so much water her belly hurt so lying on the pillow was a good support for her stuffed little belly

Of course for the most part she is perfectly normal now. She is eating all her food and drinking properly and according to her weight. Which is a good sign. She is regular and runs around like a little fool then sleeps.

I'm crossing my fingers!

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  1. Silly_Lim said...
    Hi. I am owner for 6 dogs. Unfortunately one dog passed away last January due to sickness.Still misses her alot.

    Kaya reminded me of my dog, named Daisy.

    Hoping Kaya will be fine and live happily. =p

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