Kongs because everyone loves treats.

Doggy backpacks because I want to help out too.

Hands free jogging kit so Mom and me can jog together

Chewies because I love them so much

Throwy balls because I can play fetch when I feel like it.

Please big guy with the red clothes and white beard bring me my Christmas wishes...

sloppy kisses

Laundry Day

Kaya's Daddy and I did laundry yesterday, everything Kaya has been laying on, coughing on, sleeping on. Everything that could be infested with kennel cough. Everything from the couch covers, to blankets, carpets and her bedding.

We were up at the crack of dawn to make sure we had enough time to get it all done without losing to much of our day.

Kaya however was not up at the crack of dawn and when we dragged her outside to go to the bathroom and then with us to put the laundry in. She didn't hesitate to let us know just how tired she really was.

But the best part about it was that Daddy was really tired too and the two of them slept while I slaved away.

Next we clean, boil, and throw out the toys.

Almost there

After 4 days of coughing and sleeping and eating and a small fever. Kaya has had her first cough free day.. So that means only 5 more days of no coughing and she will be able to be with her friends again.

She's got tons of energy, yesterday she got a couple short walks just like the vet ordered and she didn't cough or anything and got out a little of that extra energy. Not much but a little.

She spent the better part of teh day trying to get us to pay attention to her and play with her and when she got bored she put her head in my lap and looked at me until I played with her.

Poor little girl she needs a good run.

Kennel Cough

Our little puppy is sick.. Sick with Kennel cough. How boring for a husky who likes to run and play.. She is being shacked up in the house with the exception of pee breaks and mini walks/Poo runs

We're worried though because Kaya spent the better part of saturday with her bestest friend Storm who may get infected and then again on sunday with Storm and her other friend Rebecca.

We are hoping with all our might that Storm and Rebecca don't get sick!

p.s. Just so you know we didn't find out until today. Monday that she was sick, because she only started coughing yesterday evening after we had been with the other dogs.

Sad news

A while back Kaya met one of her sisters while we were out on a walk. The owner had told us that she just found out the dog had worms but she was hopeful that she had caught it in time.
The worms a product of the Kennel (if you can call it that) feeding her human food.

It's been over a month since we last spoke to them and I called to see if they wanted to meet up and let the sisters play together.

Kaya's sister Beck is dead.... She was very ill and had to be put down. Her owner is very angry and sad and has not gone to see the other sister she partly owns named Fry. I can understand why, it's hard enough to just think about losing Kaya but to face another dog that looks just like her but isn't her..


So I'm a little sad today.... For Becks, for Kaya, for Fry but mostly for Ellenor their owner...

RIP Becks

I think this so called kennel should be shut down for the outragious way they treated these final two beautiful little girls in their litter. I'm so sad that this puppy had to die but even more angry that these people actually had a litter and then to counter act all this I'm happy I rescued Kaya from them and she lives in a happy home where she is healthy and looked after.

Oooh look Mom.. Look what came last night!
What do I do with it?
Where does it come from?
I'm going to get you!
There is something over here
The titans arrive.... What kind of trouble can we get away with?

Mom says my first snow day was the best day ever... She is completely convinced that my husky instinct has kicked in and a whole new Kaya, a snow loving, sled pulling Kaya has emerged..

I just think snow is a blast, good to eat, good to play in, good to stick your face into and lay in..

Isn't snow just the greatest?

Our lunch time walk is always a highlight, we wander down the paths that surround Stockholm and Kaya can jump in the river once or twice before we head back to the office for the remainder of the afternoon....

Last Thursday a dark, dull and boring day we wandered up a set of stairs and further up a hill to the top and found a lovely dog park... (images coming on a sunny day)

The other dogs had already left, probably only a few minutes before us but Kaya still took full advantage of being off her leash and ran around like a nut. She made good use of the massive rocks and the few trees, the digging holes and the smells.. SO MANY Smells. While this dog park was not the best park I have seen it still had it's perks. Any place Kaya can play with other dogs and run around in a fenced area is good in my books.

Friday was another story.... Friday rained... But being a good pet owner I took Kaya to the dog park so she could run around. She was soaked, I was soaked. The things we do for our pets!

Path to the park

The big rocks and 6 month old Golden Retriever Saga

Kaya and Saga playing

Please vote for Me at The 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show

VOTE for Kaya Eriksson in The 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show!

Kaya's all time favorite Chewy is on it's very last chews.... But that doesn't stop the love of the chewy!

A close up of cuteness

New Chewies require lots of concentration

and patience

But now I'm tired Mom

Just let me sleep a little, can't you see I'm comfortable?

Kaya Naps finally!


Dog sitting is pretty fun.... For me, for Kaya, for everyone involved.

We had Storm over on Saturday night and Kaya and Storm spent the evening playing, cuddling and being adorable.

Photo by: Suzanne Crook

New bed

Kaya got a new comfy space.. A place to call her own instead of calling everything her own. A place to chill out, hang out, and space out..

Like that will keep her off the couch!

She was a tiny fluffy white ball of wonderfulness..

Now she's a big white ball of wonderfulness but not so fluffy!

Photo's by: Olov E

Safety Dog

With the darkness coming and by that I mean the winter in Sweden, we thought it would be a good idea to make Kaya safe while walking the dark streets with me in the morning and night. So we went out and bought "SAFETY DOG"

Here to protect you... Safety Dog

Never fear, safety dog is here
Photo's by: Suzanne Crook

Kaya really didn't want Daddy to go to the gym today. She wanted him to stay and play in the leaves with her.

Photo's by: Suzanne Crook

I'm Ready, Throw it again.
Photo's by: Suzanne Crook

We Knew Kaya was going to have a ton of energy after her lazy couple days at home because Mom was sick in bed. (even though daddy did take her on a couple of walks) So Saturday morning bundled up to the nine's we went to the park and threw the ball for Kaya until she finally got out all the energy she had been saving up.

It took about 45 minutes of throwing and retrieving!

Photo's by: Suzanne Crook

Sick day

Photos by: Suzanne Crook

Mommy gets sick and we stay home, unfortunately that means Kaya doesn't get to have much fun and with Daddy out playing volleyball all day she had to sit around at home and complain all day.

It wasn't much fun and Mommy was very sorry.

The office isn't the most fun place to be but sometimes she tries to make it more interesting. She'll wander around or sit in a weird place or play with a bone.

After sitting in my lap, (yes she is too big for this now) she got down and onto the window sill at work. She sat there for a while, and looked out the window waiting for the minutes to pass until we went home.

Photos by: Suzanne Crook

Kaya and I's peaceful lunch time walk was interrupted today when a caravan of dogs came wandering through our path. 4 women with atleast 5-7 dogs each.

Kaya thought it was play time but she didn't get her way. We walked slowly behind them until they veared off the path to their next destination.

Poor Kaya she was so excited she was practically dancing.

Mamma thinks it's incredibly hard to take pictures of me when I'm running around all crazy or when we go on walks. But maybe if Daddy decided to join us every once in a while she could take more shots of me doing something better than sitting around or sleeping..

Ya I think that would be best..... Pretty please?

Kaya is becoming accustomed to being at work. Sleeping and resting and then using the time we get to play together to do exactly that.... It's a good thing we get to walk in the morning, during lunch and back home before dinner..

How can these two adorable little girls still have no family.... I find this terribly sad, not only because they are getting older but because they are only playing with each other now. What happens if they are split up..

Poor little girls. I hope they find a home together..

We were pretty sure Kaya was going to Love thanksgiving. We didn't count on her staying up all day wandering the house smelling the air or that she would only rest in the kitchen right behind my feet as close to me and what I was doing as she could possibly be. I think she was trying to be close just in case anything hit the floor.

When dinner finally came around she was stressed, tired and excited but that's not such a big problem we can always get her calmed down and rested when she's like this. But didn't think the turkey would upset her tummy but wow did it ever... Fun Right.. Yah!

I won't go into specifics but I think this Christmas there will be no Turkey and gibblets for Kaya...

Kaya's favorite friend and wrestling buddy Storm got to play by the light of Momma's Camera..

Meet and RUN!
I jumped to far....
Look Mom I'm dominating

Wait I'm stuck Help

Photos by: Suzanne Crook

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