Sad news

A while back Kaya met one of her sisters while we were out on a walk. The owner had told us that she just found out the dog had worms but she was hopeful that she had caught it in time.
The worms a product of the Kennel (if you can call it that) feeding her human food.

It's been over a month since we last spoke to them and I called to see if they wanted to meet up and let the sisters play together.

Kaya's sister Beck is dead.... She was very ill and had to be put down. Her owner is very angry and sad and has not gone to see the other sister she partly owns named Fry. I can understand why, it's hard enough to just think about losing Kaya but to face another dog that looks just like her but isn't her..


So I'm a little sad today.... For Becks, for Kaya, for Fry but mostly for Ellenor their owner...

RIP Becks

I think this so called kennel should be shut down for the outragious way they treated these final two beautiful little girls in their litter. I'm so sad that this puppy had to die but even more angry that these people actually had a litter and then to counter act all this I'm happy I rescued Kaya from them and she lives in a happy home where she is healthy and looked after.


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