Dog parks anyone

Our lunch time walk is always a highlight, we wander down the paths that surround Stockholm and Kaya can jump in the river once or twice before we head back to the office for the remainder of the afternoon....

Last Thursday a dark, dull and boring day we wandered up a set of stairs and further up a hill to the top and found a lovely dog park... (images coming on a sunny day)

The other dogs had already left, probably only a few minutes before us but Kaya still took full advantage of being off her leash and ran around like a nut. She made good use of the massive rocks and the few trees, the digging holes and the smells.. SO MANY Smells. While this dog park was not the best park I have seen it still had it's perks. Any place Kaya can play with other dogs and run around in a fenced area is good in my books.

Friday was another story.... Friday rained... But being a good pet owner I took Kaya to the dog park so she could run around. She was soaked, I was soaked. The things we do for our pets!

Path to the park

The big rocks and 6 month old Golden Retriever Saga

Kaya and Saga playing


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